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This website for 'Church Football' is owned and updated by Andrew Kitson of Potter Street Baptist Church Football Club in Harlow.

Primarily, this website will be used to display information on the Hertfordshire and Borders Churches Football League. However, if you would like your church football team or league added to this website please contact me using the email link above.

In addition to the usual statistics that you would expect to have for a football league, the Hertfordshire and Borders Churches Football League has an annual award for Fair Play - this award is given to the team that ends the season with the highest average weekly "fair play" score. The table below shows the winners of this award since the inception of the league.

Season Fair play winner
2010-2011 Stopsley
2009-2010 Croxley
2008-2009 Croxley

If you want to see the pages from the East Herts. & West Essex Christian Football League (1995-2008), click here!

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